Metal Selection Guide

Material Type About Applications

A36 Carbon Steel

A36 Hot Rolled Mild Steel is the most widely used metal for all general-purpose applications. This steel is a low carbon grade, having good over-all mechanical properties. It is easy to fabricate by the usual methods, such as welding, machining, cold and hot forming. General-purpose structural work, industrial maintenance, agricultural implements, transportation equipment, and miscellaneous non-critical applications that involve mild cold bending, hot forming, punching and welding.

Hot Rolled Strip Flat

A low carbon steel with good formability. It is easy to fabricate and cold form. Used for a variety of general purposes. Ideally suited for strapping, banding, brackets, ornamental ironwork, etc.

A513 Square / Rectangle
Steel Tube

A welded tube made from low carbon steel. Offers good surface finish. Widely used in all less stressful structural applications – frames, supports, etc.

A500 Square / Rectangle
Steel Tube

A structural grade welded tube, having a high strength to weight ratio. Widely used in all larger structural applications requiring added strength and rigidity – frames, supports, trailers, truck beds, etc.

DOM Round Steel Tube
(Drawn Over Mandrel)

A cold drawn electric resistance welded tube with all flash removed. Preferred over seamless tubing for its excellent OD and ID concentricity. A uniform and precision product - compared to HREW tubes, it is produced to closer tolerances and better finishes. Ideally suited for a wide range of structural and bushing applications requiring higher strength and precision.

Welded Structural
Round Steel Tube

1010/1020 CREW & HREW (Cold Drawn Electric Welded or Hot Roll Electric Welded) tubing is the most economical of all round tubes. Ideal for all general structural applications. Widely used as an alternate to square or rectangle tubing for endless structural applications not requiring the close dimensional tolerances of DOM round tube.

A500 Welded Structural Steel Pipe

Our welded structural steel pipe products are intended for use only in structural applications, as it has not been tested to transfer liquids or gases under pressure. It is made to less exacting specifications for dimensions, finish, and mechanical properties. Structural pipe is an economical alternative to tubing for many fabrication projects and structural applications. Schedule 80 sizes may be coated and tested to meet ASTM A53

Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Commercial Quality C1008/C1010

Hot Rolled Commercial Quality sheets are intended for uses involving simple bending or moderate drawing and welding. Sheets may be bent flat on itself in any direction at room temperature without cracking on the outside of the bend. Used for a wide variety of applications – agricultural implements, automotive panels, ventilating systems, drums, bins, frame skinning, sign making, etc.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Commercial Quality

Sheets are rolled to a close thickness tolerance and possess a fine surface finish. Suitable for stamping, forming, and moderate drawing operations. Provides an excellent base for all painting, including baked enamel and lacquer finishes, etc. Used for a wide variety of applications – agricultural implements, automotive panels, ventilating systems, drums, bins, frame skinning, sign making, etc.

Galvanized Steel Sheet

Commercial Quality Galvanized Steel sheets are intended for uses where greater corrosion protection is required without painting. The durable G-90 Chem Treat zinc coating is applied by a continuous hot-dip process and will withstand bending without flaking. With a typical protection life span of 20 years these sheets are ideal for many applications that are exposed to the environment. Sheets are easy to form, bend, machine and weld. Special care should be taken when welding to prevent inhalation of zinc fumes.

C1018 Cold Finish Steel

Low carbon steel, having higher manganese content than certain other low-carbon steels. It has higher mechanical properties and better machining characteristics. Sizes are more accurate in measurements and surfaces are of higher quality than in hot rolled steels. Ideal for fabrication or machining projects that require a higher degree of accuracy than hot roll steel offers. Suitable for shafting and for applications that do not require the greater strength of high carbon and alloy steels. Suited for carbonized parts requiring soft core and high surface hardness, such as gears, pinions, worms, king pins, chain pins, ratchets, etc.

C1045 CF Turned Ground- Polished Shafting

A medium-carbon steel that’s ground and polished to a high degree of concentricity, surface perfection, straightness, and overall accuracy. Use this product when a higher degree of added strength, dimensional accuracy and straightness are required. Used primarily for applications demanding a high degree of accuracy and straightness, along with added toughness – such as axel shafts, motor shafts, pins, machinery parts, bolts, pinions, gears, etc.

Alloy 4140 Cold Drawn Annealed

This medium carbon alloy grade is widely used for many general-purpose parts requiring high tensile strength and toughness. 4140 contains chromium and molybdenum as alloying elements and may be heat-treated over a wide range to give the combined advantages of proper hardness, strength and ductility. More easily machined than in the pre-hard state. Drill collars, bolts, couplings, reamer bodies, rotary table shafting, oil well tool joints, axle shafts, valves, hightemperature bolts, sprockets, trailer axles, winch shafts, piston rods, rams, hydraulic machinery shafts, precision lead screws, chain links, spindles, stay bolts, tractor axles, etc.

Alloy 4140 Pre-Hard

Pre-hardened 4140 is an alloy steel, ready for use but is also machinable in its hardened state. Superior strength and wear resistance, excellent toughness, along with good ductility, and the ability to resist stress at elevated temperatures make this grade ideal for many demanding applications. Drill collars, bolts, couplings, reamer bodies, rotary table shafting, oil well tool joints, axle shafts, valves, hightemperature bolts, sprockets, trailer axles, winch shafts, piston rods, rams, hydraulic machinery shafts, precision lead screws, chain links, spindles, stay bolts, tractor axles, etc.

3003 Aluminum

This is the most widely used of all aluminum alloys. It is essentially commercially pure aluminum with the addition of manganese. It has excellent corrosion resistance and workability, and it may be deep drawn or spun, welded, or brazed. This alloy is not heat treatable. Temper – H14 Cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, decorative trim, awnings, siding, storage tanks, chemical equipment, food & chemical handling equipment, Appliance components, Truck/trailer roofing, lawn furniture components, etc.

5052 Aluminum

5052 is the highest strength alloy of the more common nonheat- treatable grades. Fatigue strength is higher than most aluminum alloys. 5052 has particularly good resistance to marine atmosphere and salt-water corrosion and has excellent workability. It may be drawn or formed into intricate shapes. Temper H32 Ideal for tanks and drums, marine and vehicle bodies, aircraft components, home appliances, heavy-duty cooking utensils, and equipment for bulk processing of food, etc.

6061 Aluminum

The most versatile of the heat treatable aluminum alloys. It is a higher strength, tempered aluminum that offers a wide range of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It can be fabricated by many of the commonly used techniques. Tempers T6 & T6511 Ideal for structural application requiring higher strength with lighter weight. Used for a wide variety of products and applications from truck bodies and frames to screw machine parts and structural components.

6063 Aluminum

Commonly referred to as the architectural alloy. It was developed as an extrusion alloy with relatively high tensile properties, excellent finishing characteristics, and a high degree of resistance to corrosion. Great for outdoor applications. Temper T52 6063 Aluminum is most often found in various interior and exterior architectural applications, such as windows, doors, store fronts, railings, and assorted trim items.

7075 Aluminum

7075 is one of the hardest aluminum alloys, is exceptionally strong, heat treatable, and has good machinability along with fair corrosion resistance. AKA “Aircraft Alloy” Temper T6 Aircraft components, parts with high strength-to-weight ratio, keys, gears, shafts, etc.

Precision Aluminum Plate

A precision cast-aluminum plate developed primarily for tooling or jig applications. Through a fine-grain casting process and subsequent stress relieving, this product is dimensionally stable and readily machinable, with precision ground surfaces top and bottom to a finish equal to 16-19 RMS or better. Used for templates, assembly jigs and fixtures, hydro press form blocks, drill jigs, and rubber and plastic molds.

T-304 Stainless Steel

Used where corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties are primary requirements, this is the most widely used of the stainless and heat resisting steels. Offers good corrosion resistance to many chemical corrodents as well as industrial atmospheres and marine environments. Used in industries where the highest degree of sanitation and cleanliness is of prime importance - Dairy, beverage, and food-product handling & processing equipment, handling acetic, nitric, and citric acids; organic and inorganic chemicals; hospital equipment, marine hardware, etc.

T-303 Stainless Shafting Turn, Ground, & Polished

T-303 is easier to machine than T-304, but its properties are very similar. Ground to a high degree of concentricity, surface perfection, straightness, and overall accuracy. Widely used for shafting and pin applications where corrosion resistance is a concern. Boat shafts, pump shafts, dairy and food industry components, etc.

T-316 Stainless Steel

Chromium-nickel stainless steel with molybdenum added to increase corrosion resistance and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. More resistant to corrosive environments than T-304 with higher strength. Parts in machinery used to process paper, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. In aircraft applications, used for parts requiring low magnetic permeability and good corrosion resistance.

Alloy 260 Brass

Known also as Cartridge Brass, this is the most ductile of the brass family and gives superior results when cold worked. Color is full-brass yellow. Temper 1/2 hard Uses include radiator cores and tanks, flashlight shells, lamp fixtures, fasteners, locks, hinges, ammunition components, plumbing accessories, pins, rivets.

Alloy 360 Brass

A free cutting brass that is ideally suited for high speed machining operations. Its machinability rating of 100 is the standard against which all other copper alloys are rated. It is easily soldered or brazed and has good resistance to corrosion. Temper 1/2 hard Typically used for gears, pinions, plumbing ware fittings, adapters, valves, valve stems, and screw machine products, marine parts, etc.

Alloy 110 Copper

Alloy 110 Copper is corrosion resistant, highly ductile, and very conductive. Easy to solder and braze. Temper is Hard H04 Widely used in electrical, architectural, decorative, and artistic applications.

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